Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day Two - Start it Up (again)

So today, I did the basic 25 minute tape SIU. On my running days-3x's per week I will do the SIU. Sunday will be my day off from the DVD's.

Feeling great, and eating is right on. Drank lots of water. All good.

I still miss night eating. I have been drinking red rooibos tea at night. It is OK, but it is not a good as Subway, chocolate, cookies, wine, nachos. You know, the stuff I am not having any part of anymore.

If I want to be an athlete, I need to eat like an athlete right? I am OK with it, but it still takes some getting used to again.

I am also tracking my calories/water/exercise on "My Plate" I like it, it is easy and fast and keeps me in check. My fit and healthy friend Louise also gave me her eating program, so I have been starting to follow that. Eating well feels good. Eating crap does not.

So, my run:

Last time I will run 8 minutes and walk 1 minute. Tomorrow is a straight run of 3-4k and Friday is a LTR clinic night (They overlap a bit) and we move up to 10/1's! I have been waiting and working so hard to get there, and FRIDAY, we are there! Yay!

5K Resolution Run
448 calories burned
AP: 6:49
BP: 5:05

Good run! I already FEEL lighter. But obviously don't look it. But hey, give me a few more months.

Oh, and I walked 1 km (back and forth to school today)

So today #500in2010 = 6:03 k

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