Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday - Day Five

Well, it is Friday! I have survived five days so far. Feeling really good, and confident!

Drank all of my water, ate really well. Stayed within my calorie range.

Did my 47 minute RIU DVD this morning with two of my kids. Tonight, I ran. Finally back at 10/1's! Mentally I am BACK! Feel like a runner again, even though my body doesn't look very much like one LOL.

432 calories burned

Awesome run in the rain! Next week is our goal race already! Woo!

My fingers are so cold, I have to go have a shower to warm up!

Oh, #500in2010 I did 2k today walk, + my 5:05K run. So, 7.05K

Happy Friday!

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