Sunday, February 22, 2009

26 km run - Longest Run EVER!

See Cathy Run 
(it is funny that my Mom titled her Facebook album of this run the same thing as my blog, and she doesn't even know my blog exists yet!) These photos were taken by my Mom and Dad. I was running with Taryn, and Kevin. They have a great pace, and the km's just fly by when we all chat. Love that. I just love my running family!

My parents came out and cheered on our group this morning as we headed out on our 26 km run. They cheered us on in two different places and it was so awesome. Thank you Mom and Dad! That was fabulous. I think we were about 11 km into our run. Then, Team E cheered us on in a couple of places with the 'Team Van' aka our big van. The support makes all of the difference! 

The run went really well, and I felt so great! I was a little (well make that  A LOT nervous) this this morning. But I got it done! 

Today's Run:
Distance: 26.03 km
Time: 2:39 
Avg Pace: 6:07 km 
Best Pace: 4:39
Calories burned: 2000

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