Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day Four

Today is Thursday, and my plan is going so smoothly. I just wish my knee/leg issue wasn't here right now. I have decided to go to physio to see if I can get my full range of motion back in my left knee. I cannot afford to have troubling symptoms right now. So, I need to seek help as Advil, rest and ice is not cutting it.  Darn knee. I am just thankful I can move around and be healthy! I just need to stay on my healthy eating/calorie counting/keep moving EVERY day for the next 10 weeks kind of plan! It works! I am so happy my willpower and dedication has returned! Such a great feeling to move forward and reach my goals!

Today I had the same breakfast as yesterday, and I had a lasagna Lean Cuisine for lunch. Some apple. My vitamins and of course drinking lots of water.

Had a meal replacement bar (yummy) then after the hills I at a Brendan Braiser treat. It was nice, one of the running ladies made them and brought them in.

I am hoping to get my six hills in tonight (Kevin our clinic instructor has offered to do the hills tonight to make up the cancelled hill training yesterday--thank goodness for dedicated instructors that make you WANT to be there!)

So, hopefully the ice and snow will be gone for running, if not I have Plan B. Jazzercise

So, I did my hills. I had to do a lot of stretching! Was it ever cold outside! I couldn't feel my fingers or hands! Numb with cold.

We did six hills.

10.05 km
1: 12 
Avg. pace 7:13
Best pace 5:08
Calories: 730 

I still need to eat dinner! Most likely the Jared diet LOL.

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