Sunday, February 22, 2009

Marathon Clinic

Training for the marathon is a bit surreal to me. I show up, they call our group out, and our distance. And we cheer! The whole store cheers. Most people think we are a bit nuts.That happens for all of the groups. 

The thing is that I remember being in my very first running clinic back in 2005. I was in the For Women Only - Learn to Run clinic. And, I would watch those half marathoners and marathoners go out for these incredibly long runs. They would say 32 km's and cheer, and then our group would head out for 2 sets of 10's and ones. (A 22 minute run) And that at the time was all I could muster. 

So, flash forward to today. I am part of that 'group' where we run these amazing long runs every Sunday. I couldn't feel more proud of where I came from, and that I have kept up my running since my fourth daughter was 3 months old. I got pregnant a couple more times, and today I am back stronger than I have EVER been. I am a Mom to six kids, and now that daughter is heading into Kindergarten in September, and I will have a first marathon under my belt, and will be training for my second marathon this October. 

I just love how running can do that! When you think you cannot, you cannot. You say you can, and you will! And I know I will.

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