Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day Two

I am having a fat day today. I am wearing my new jeans (size eights--yuck) and a medium shirt. Yuck. I feel really fat and yuck today. I look forward to getting back into my smaller sizes. Seriously that saying of nothing tastes as good as thin feels is right on for me. I feel really gross right now. I can feel every extra pound. Thankfully I am on track, and it was hard yesterday. But today is another day, and I can feel my stomach shrinking which is good.


Kashi, skim milk and handful of raspberries

No fat, no whip grande decaf mocha from Starbucks
half a biscotti (shared with Cliff)

1 whole wheat roll up (small 90 cals) w/deli turkey (2 slices) salsa, and organic lettuce
2 hard boiled eggs.

Water: 5

Dinner: Subway (same as yesterday) and half bag baked Lays. Half cup frozen yogurt, with half a tablespoon of dark mini chips. Tea.

Exercise: Training run approx 6 km: 5:61 km
Time: 33:11
Avg. pace: 5:54
Best pace: 4:42
Calories burned: 439

Talk was great, we talked about goal setting, I shared that I want to run the marathon in 4 hours, or less. My knee felt OK, but not 100% yet. I will see how hill training goes tomorrow.

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