Sunday, February 22, 2009

Size Eight Bottoms

Today, I broke down and bought myself a pair of 24 dollar pants in a size eight. I know I shouldn't focus on sizes, but this afternoon when I looked in the dressing room mirror at the size of my rear I come I let myself go. I wish these were size six. Now I have to lose those 10 ish pounds AGAIN. Whoa is me. I was the one stuffing the extra treats down my throat.  I was the one eating the larger portions. Eating for pleasure. Eating to just eat. Eating to celebrate. This weight loss stuff is tough. Eating is tough. You HAVE to eat, but it is hard to stop once I get going. So, tomorrow I start to go back to the way it was, with healthful eating, good exercise and a positive attitude.

Anyways...these jeans are going to be loose by the time my weight is off at the end of this challenge. I will take my photos in them. I will also take a photo in my size small pink hoodie. That is tight across the arms and chest. I know that will be just right once race day is here. I can feel its warm and cozy factor after I run 42.2 km. 

Tomorrow is a new beginning, a chance to start fresh, get back to the 150 I was in June. And, now is the time to get down to my ultimate goal. There is no time like the present time.

Tonight I weigh in, take my measurements and have a couple of 'before' photos taken.

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