Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 5 - July 31th

Well, another good day. Another good run 2/walk 1 and brisk walk. 10 girlie push ups. Exercises. All my water. 

Tomorrow is my first weigh in (early to make weigh ins on Saturdays) so yay!

Best Pace: 5:13
Average Pace: 7:55
Distance 5.86 km
Calories burned: 416

Still have a wee bit of cought, and stuffed up on one side only. Ears are feeling a bit better.

The weekend will be of course more challenging with friends coming for dinner, wine. Dessert etc. Birthday party/Playland treats. That kind of thing. I know I can do it. Is is do I want to? Or, will I revert back to bad old habits? I am thinking of my reunion and walking through that door and seeing old friends from 20 years ago. How do I want to appear? I know  I do not want to look like this! 

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