Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 3 - July 29

Well, after such a good physio appointment, I had to celebrate and go for another walk run. Cliff joined me tonight. It was so hot, but it felt so GOOD! We did 30 mins of 1 min walk/1 min run and then walked and talked. I would have liked to have walked more briskly, but that is OK. We got out there, and we were able to chat a bit. Thanks MIL for coming over tonight. xo

I have been eating well. My energy level (even with a cold) has been way higher when eating well. And eating the right things. I find I am not having that afternoon slump anymore. And I have increased my water back to where I used to love! So, I am going pee a whole lot more, but today it was not as bad as the first day. 

Best run pace 4:50 km
Average walk pace 9:20 km
Distance: 7:17 km 
Calories burned 464 +

I have decided to make my weigh ins on Saturday morning...that way I will stay on the 80/20 rule a little bit better over the weekend. Sunday night we will have our splurge night.  I have momentum going and I don't want to lose this feeling again! I forgot how good I feel. I remember this always...nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. I believe this to be true. I know I am not near down where I was when I was hardcore training, but I just feel less bloated. I am enjoying all of the WONDERFUL fruits of the season. Like plums, nectarines and blues. 

I did my stretches tonight, and my crunches and some push ups (arms are really sore!!) I will ease back up to 50! 

My first weigh in will be this Saturday, a couple of days early, but that is OK! 

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