Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 2 - July 28

Well. I am still sick. My ears feel a bit better. I could taste my food more today. I still feel clogged up. A bit of a cough.

Eating was great! Water intake was great. A really good day!

Distance: 7.41 km 
Best pace of the run was 4:59 kmh
Average pace (walking) was 8:57 kmh
Calories burned: 466

My goal is to burn 400 ish calories 6 days per week. 1 splurge meal a week like I did the first time. I am FINALLY feeling OK with this not running a lot business. Just the fact that I could run tonight for about 32 minutes of 1 minute run/1 minute walk felt amazing. I know I do not LOOK amazing, but I feel amazing right now. Cold and all.

I took my before photos, and let me tell you...I am not PLEASED. I will do those in a separate post. Uggh. I have to get real. I do not want to go to my 20 year reunion looking like this. The most weight gain is in my breasts, hips, waist, and but. 

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