Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally a GREAT Physio appointment!

I just got back from my physio appointment! He is happy! I am happy. I have booked for next Thursday, but if no pain! Cancel! That is the best news ever! 

I am to keep on running...starting slowly like I have been, but add in some 2/1 with my 1/1's and gradually build back up to my 10/1's. Whoo HOOOOO!

The best part of the appointment, being able to rest in the dark air conditioned treatment room for about 20 minutes. LOVE that. 

I am back at the bottom, but I know I will get back to the top shape I was in, and even better. I have learned so much along this journey so far.

*fingers crossed* that the hip pain goes away, and my hip stays in place, if it goes out (I can tell!) I am to call right away and he will fit me in! Got to love him!

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  1. I hurt myself during an exercise and suffer from hip pain. It is excruciating some times. Your blog is very nice. God is Great. Best wishes.