Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 4 - July 30th

Well, day 4 is here. And I am really not having any trouble with sticking to my plan. I have so many great options to choose from. All this summer fruit etc. And I am feeling so much more energetic. Maybe it is all the water, maybe it is the healthy eating? Maybe just a better frame of mind? Whatever it is? I will enjoy this ride. I am trying to remember what if feels like to run effortlessly. And smoothly. I don't look like that anymore running. I think also this heatwave has a lot to do with it. I think it was over 4o degrees today. I waited until almost sun down to go out for my run.

I drank many, many ounces of water today. Lots of fruit. I even had a bowl of salad greens with a whole tomato and low fat italian dressing for an afternoon snack. I had that with a hard boiled egg. I actually LOVED it! Weird for me to love a salad like that. I tasted awesome in this heat. 

Anyways. It is Thursday night. Weigh ins will now be on Saturday morning. (This week I weigh in a few early)  That is to keep my weekend in check. And, one of my final-ish weigh ins will be week of my reunion which also falls on a Saturday. How convenient for me :D

5.99 km
50:36 minutes
Best pace: 4:54 km
Average with walking: 8:26 km
414 calories burned.

Did my stretches, bridging stuff from physio. Also, I did about 100 crunches, and about 10 girlie push ups. Still sore from the other days. I will get back up there. I know I am not able to make a come back over night. But I am taking all of the right steps to get back there. Sooner, rather than later. My goal is to get back to 5/1's hopefully all next week. Then go for the 10/1's again. Then hopefully back to the RR to run with my running family again. I have missed them so very much.

I am really enjoying keeping my eating/fitness on this time around. So easy, and quick. Just what I need to stay in line. And I get a good idea of where I am at. I learned from the first go around, to keep it simple. Eat similar things for breakfast and lunch. That way portion and calories are no brainers. For dinner keep it light. And have a couple of healthy snacks. That is exactly what I have been doing. So far I am loving this change of pace from all the crap I was taking in. Food was filling a void. Too bad it took me this many pounds to get out of it. Always learning.

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