Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Clinic night tonight. We ran about 6 km.

In the rain, and it was cold tonight. I am glad I wore my gloves that is for sure!

6.40 km
40:35 time
564 calories burned
6.21 av pace km
4.41 max pace km

Tomorrow, six hills!

#500in2010 = 4 miles + 1.25 miles = 5.25 miles total

I forgot to add in my 2 km walk yesterday! oops! Last day of sunshine and good weather for the next week or more around here! (will include those 2 in there!) = 1.25 miles added in the total above.


  1. When did you join a run team? Right away or did you do it after a while to keep up the motivation?

  2. Heidi, I have been running with the Running Room on and off, for the last 5 years. Of course, in between the three kids I had during that time too. I have always been motivated, but the clinics and friends I have made there is a lot of fun! Very social too!

  3. This rain is awful. I want the lovely sunshine back!

    Enjoy your hills tonight. Wish I could join in. I'm going to try to get out there closer to summer as my schedule doesn't allow right now.

  4. Yes, I am missing the sunshine that is for sure! Thanks for the kind words! I hope you can get out and join me there soon!