Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Weigh In

I weigh 176.0 on the nose.

I have lost 16 pounds since January 4th. That is 7 weeks, and about two pounds a week. Just right!

I have 31 pounds to lose. The same stupid pounds I lost two years ago. Except, this time I am taking more time to enjoy a treat here and there. Trying to make LASTING changes. And, so far I feel no deprivation. I wake up happy each morning knowing I am working towards an attainable goal.

Next weekend, I have my own boudoir session! Eeep. That will help me get my miles in this week! **session has been rescheduled now until April. Bummer.

And to keep doing what I am doing!


  1. Congrats. I have lost a few pounds since I started exercising but I have noticed that my clothes fit better. I am hoping lent will help me get my appetite for destruction ie sugar under control.
    What have you done differently besides not being so strict?

  2. Thanks Heidi! I know you can do it too! I am allowing treats, pretty much every day. But instead of six cookies, I share one. If I want an ice cap, I have a small. I am really watching my portions, and drinking lots of water. And a LOT of movement aka running and walking more.

  3. Fabulous Cathy! I'm surprised this time. I'm enjoying my treats too along the way, and I really think this will last longer this time. I would be nervous about next week too.

    You'll be there so quickly, especially with the kms you are getting!