Saturday, February 27, 2010


I didn't run last night. I had plans to run, but I chose to watch Olympic hockey instead, and of course watch the medal presentation (GOLD!) Once in a lifetime chance to watch on TV. I can always run more next week. It will be very boring without the Olympics to watch.

Hubby and I actually went out for a nice pasta dinner, and some wine. I ate the bread too. It was better than running :D

My pants are starting to get loose (my size 12's) and hopefully in another five-ish pounds I can be in size 10's again. That will feel good!

Tomorrow off for about an 11 km run with my group. I cannot wait. It was odd not running last night. However, time off is also needed once in awhile. I think it will make my run awesome tomorrow!

Looking forward to it, however I think it will be a raining one. Got to love our Westcoast weather!!

Until tomorrow, where I will update my 500 in 2010 challenge.


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