Thursday, February 25, 2010

On my own Thursday

Tonight, as I was gearing up, I watch the Canadian Women's hockey team kick some serious A$$ and win GOLD for Canada.

I missed the medal ceremony, but I will catch it on the repeats tonight on CTV. I am not a hockey lover at all, but I was actually cheering and screaming! It was good!


So, my run tonight:

6.20 km
46:42 (really slow as I was experiencing tummy troubles, so I had to walk a bit to get finished up) I wanted to run 8 km tonight, darn it!)
549 calories burned
7:32 avg (see, slow but good anyways, at least I was out!!)
5:00 max

All in all, good times!

So, my 6.2o km run + my 2 km walk back and forth to school = 8.20 km

#500in2010 = 5 miles

1 comment:

  1. Aw. You did great considering. Great work getting out there! I hope the tummy troubles straighten out overnight.