Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday and Saturday

There have been troubles with blogger for the last couple of days for me! I am still here!

I haven't run since Wednesday night. I have been fighting a cold, and sore throat. So, I loaded up on the Oil of Oregano and so far so good. I also chose not to run. Thought I would conserve my energy.

However, I have still got my daily walking in.

Yesterday, back and forth to school. 2x = 2 km

And today, walking around the mall etc, running errands 2 km. I make it a point to park far away and get my exercise in!

So, for Friday and Saturday = 4 km or 2.48 miles

#500in2010 = 2.48 miles

I am feel good today, after a good long sleep, and a bit of a sleep in I feel awesome. I am looking forward to my 13 km run tomorrow morning!

Next week, I am back on track!

P.S. I also bought jeans in size 11 (down one size) and I bought shirts in size medium. Obviously I am losing more on the top than the bottom. The bottom is always harder with all of my loose skin to tuck into my pants. I think I would be smaller on the bottom with a tummy tuck :D

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  1. I noticed this today too. I am definitely loose in the pants, especially the waist. But today in the mirror, I realized that I'm lopsided. I'm like a bowling pin. :D Oh well. At least I'm losing. It'll even out in the end. Maybe this'll motivate me to START strength training. Get those abs in.

    congrats. I hope the 13 km goes well!