Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Tonight is a clinic night. I still have to register for my 10 km race weekend after next!

Last night we had fast food. We ate Burger King. I loved eating it, but afterwards I felt really gross. And still do today. No more burger/fries/onion ring splurges anymore. Yuck. Not worth it.

So, today I stared to feel better when I walked back and forth to school. Did an extra little loop too, with my little girls.

I will update this post tonight...toodles. OK, back to update.

I registered for the race. Cannot wait to run it!

My run tonight:

8.88 km
58:49 time
788 calories
Avg 6:37
Max 4:51

+ My morning loop of 2 km

#500in2010 8.88 + 2 km + 10.88 km = 6.76 miles


  1. NOpe nope nope. No names. :) I might wanna run for president. Or avoid my neighbors knowing I'm cuh-razy.

    Course, you're gorgeous and totally sane so...

    I totally hear you about Burger King. I thought for just 'once' french onion dip made with plain yogurt would be okay. HA! stinky yucky gross. No more.

  2. :D OK, I will call you JB :D

    Yup. NO more!! No more!!