Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Summary

Oh my goodness. I think this rainy run goes down as the WETTEST run EVER. It was also a most amazing run for me. I felt amazing, unlike the three runs during the week. I also had gels this morning. One pre run, and one about half way through my run.

I think it was the extra food I ate over the weekend. I think I am too hungry most of the time. So, I will see how it goes this week.

Tweak what I am doing.

So, my run:

12.45 km
952 calories burned
Avg 6:19 pace km
Max 4:51 best

There were so many puddles, and the rain was just DOWNPOUR. Crazy wet run. During the run I could ring out my ponytail. When I got back, I could wring out my arms, and my top. And my hair again. Crazy prune feet.

I am thankful to Steve, who gave me his warm jacket, and bought me a latte at Starbucks. That, is the best part of running, enjoying the fun and talk with my running friends. We laugh. A LOT. I am happy to be a part of such a wonderful and supportive group! Love them all.

#500in2010 Sunday run = 7.75 miles

#500in2010 Weekly Total = 22.11 miles

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  1. That actually sounds like fun. Great mileage. Great work!