Monday, May 10, 2010


Not much to report, except that my weight is climbing back up the ladder. And I am not exercising really at all. I am eating too much. and not getting enough sleep. My knee still bothers me.

I would say that I am a lump on a log right now. Something has to change for the better! I am going to go to Zumba again tomorrow. I need to MOVE!


  1. Cathy, I know you will get where you want to go. I hope your knee stops giving you grief. And thanks for continuing to inspire me to move.

  2. Cathy I feel your pain - I am so lameo right now too. I don't think I did anything last week except a few walks! You've always done so well in the past, once you're out of the rut you'll be back on track again, I know it. :o)