Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Long Run

Today, my weight was OF COURSE up to 148.6 pounds. Uggh.

I had my 'shorter LSD' run today. And it was just awful. 

23.47 km
2:54 minutes running (THAT IS SOOOOO LONG and stupid and lots of walking too)
And I took Advil (thanks Wil!) about 6 ish km into the run. The first 5 km AWESOME! Then bam. IT troubles. Right side. YUCK!
Avg pace: 7:27 km (slow slow slow)
Best pace: 5:08
1594 calories burned

One of the most difficult and painful runs every. I just want to be ready for the marathon. I may skip this weeks runs and just do Jazzercise and weights this week until Sunday. 29 km.

Very bad run. Made me think what next!? I cannot NOT handle not running. I am addicted to running. 

So, that is my story.

This week I am back to eating correct portions, and calorie counting. And adding in weights!

I borrowed a foam roller, 

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