Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday! - A change is as good as a rest!

I had a great day with my husband today. Burnaby, to North Van, to West Van. Up Grouse Mountain. They call it the Peak of Vancouver. It is breathtaking!! Saw the Cleveland Dam in Vancouver. Went to Deep cove. Busy busy. It was rainy, then sunny. And, up on the top of Grouse it was 4 degrees and SNOWING. We got back down, and sunny. Got to love Vancouver!

We did a lot of walking today. We also saw three timber wolves in a habitat at the base of Grouse Mountain. I think we live in such a beautiful place. I also saw Paul Plakas on the Grouse Tram. My husband spotted him on there. He is the kick ass fitness trainer on the network Slice. He must have been filming up there as he was with a crew.

It was a good day! No runs today.

Just walking today. We figure about 3 km of walking. Most delightful scenery. And the best honey donuts you have ever tasted! Sometimes you just have to splurge.

Last night we were watching the Housewives of Altanta. One of them used the phrase... "You need to get skinny vision." I liked that. LOL.

#500in2010 walk today 3 km = 1.86 miles

#500in2010 total miles for the week = 12.45 miles (darn knee)

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